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Web Development

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It's our commitment to consult and find out what you are looking for before we start. There will always be modifications to your site as times and your business changes. We are here to work with you, within your timeframe and budget.


Most of our customers who build a site from scratch, are not sure what they want. Well, they kind of know what they want, then ideas change. We are candid with advice and usually able to guide and advise ahead of time.


Website design is more than "Print Design", partially due to the instability and limitations of html and PHP. There are some basic rules, which along with our experience and designing skills make for stable, fully functional websites.


The more information we can get from the client at the commencement of the project, the better. Our first meetings usually cover the basics. We can usually do everything over the phone.


These bulleted items cover some of the first design steps we discuss with our clients:


  • Type of website
  • Page content and layout
  • CSS, tables or both
  • Map out website directories and pages
  • Purpose of web page
  • Colors
  • Type of navigation and placement of navigation
  • Server side and client side scripts
  • Market Targets
  • Markup Language
  • Size of screen
  • Interaction, CGI, PHP/MYSQL or Perl
  • jQuery
  • Server Requirements


Dreamweaver MX and Raw HTML, XML, PHP etc. or Site Center


Our software of choice to design website's is Dreamweaver, Flash, Photo Shop and Fireworks, by Macromedia/ Adobe. We also interface closely with Adobe Photo Shop and Paint Shop Pro for graphical work. This website was created mainly using Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Website are designed for all browsers, with SEO in mind. Our PHP experts write raw code.


Web Content Management


We offer "Content Management Systems " where you you can update your own website. Using a PHP front end running on an MYSQL. Simply click and go from your control panel.


  • Log into your admin area from any PC and maintain your website
  • Feature packed and extremely user friendly
  • Make updates anytime, anywhere
  • Save Time and Money
  • If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use our system to maintain your site
  • Upload Images to your website
  • No expensive monthly fees
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Take Control of your site


Our Control Panels come with Mambo, Joomla, Word press and many more powerful systems


Site Center WYSIWYG Editor & Web Site Builder


We offer a state of the art website developer where you can either develop your own website using a template, develop your own website from scratch or maintain an existing website.


Web Development


We have a full page dedicated to Site Center. To review the full Site Center features and Documentaion click here



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